XR NVDA Training Dec 7

XR NVDA December Training

. Saturday, Dec 7, 12:30pm

Co-Prosperity Sphere: 3219 S. Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608

Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) is at the core of all Extinction Rebellion (XR) actions.

and NVDA Introductory Trainings are an essential step in joining an XR chapter.


The NVDA Introductory Trainings for XR Chicago, which are held each month, provide a historical, conceptual, and practical overview of direct action as an evolving set of tactics for activist movements. At each training we work as a group to articulate goals and identify the possibilities of direct action for supporting long-term strategies to meet those goals.

The trainings bring together people who are new and curious, along with those who have been involved for years, to learn from one another and experiment with using NVDA in innovative ways.