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The collapse of climate and ecosystems is accelerating. We are nearly out of time. Decades of protests, petitions and donations to environmental groups have done nothing to slow catastrophic change. Food and water shortages, resource wars, economic breakdown, and millions of new climate refugees are on the horizon. Human survival itself is at risk as temperatures continue to rise.

Extinction Rebellion Chicago (XRC) is a growing group of activists formed in 2019 to demand, through creative and non-violent direct action, that the government act now to stop climate catastrophe.  We are proud to have an expanding membership base, bringing people together from Chicago and beyond toward this urgent goal. Our mission depends on friendship and mutual support between members of diverse age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and class.  We actively seek to decentralize our processes and form alliances with environmental and social justice organizations to highlight the connections between our various struggles for a sustainable and just future. We thus seek to build an accountable, resilient culture within which trust is cultivated and protected.  We affirm that undoing oppressive systems requires listening to, learning from, and advocating alongside historically silenced and marginalized voices.

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