Global Fall Rebellion

Global Fall Rebellion

Demand our government tell the truth and declare a climate emergency!

Throughout October and into November, we will engage in non-violent regenerative and direct actions to send the message to City Hall: Tell the truth about the climate crisis and declare a climate emergency! Bring your own non-violent action or join in ours.

XR’s Global Action Kick-Off


In conjunction with Extinction Rebellion (XR) chapters around the globe, XR Chicago and its coalition and affinity group partners gathered at Daley Plaza on Monday October 7, 2019, starting at 4 pm for XR’s Global Action Kick-Off.

It was a wonderful fall afternoon. Hundreds came to participate in the Regenerative Culture Fair. We held a well-covered press conference with our coalition partners. The Illinois Youth Climate Strike held a die-in. Critical Mass held a bicycle ride in and afterward we took to the streets! (Online coverage in preparation).

We gathered again at Daley Plaza on Friday, October 18 at 3 pm. Rebels from Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan came back to demand Chicago declare a climate emergency.

Extinction Rebellion Chicago is planning another event for the Friday, November 1, in the Wicker Park neighborhood not far from the Damen CTA station. For further action information and RSVP link see the bottom of this page!

It’s up to you now


This isn’t a distant apocalypse. People all over the world are suffering and dying right now. Whole species are going extinct. And it will only get worse. The time to act is now.

It’s already begun to happen to others. Next, it will happen to you, and everybody you love, too.

We must rebel


You can’t count on us or Greta to do this for you. You have to look inside yourself and rebel.

Starting on October 7th, for 2 weeks, Extinction Rebellion is calling an International Rebellion. Together, we will peacefully occupy the centers of power and shut them down until governments act on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. This action is in coordination and solidarity with XR chapters around the US and internationally.

Leave your desk. Invite your boss. Walk out of school. Switch off the TV. Put down your phone. Get on the streets. And bring everybody. 

rebellion goals


The focused goals are to: 1. Demand that the City of Chicago declare a climate emergency, and 2. Engage the public in understanding why this is necessary.

More broadly, the goals are to be maximally disruptive within the principles of non-violent direct action; to be maximally regenerative in a way that engages the public; and to build a strong coalition of organizations that can work together powerfully for social justice and climate mitigation.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you have been meaning to join Extinction Rebellion Chicagowe will be there to get you on board! These event are part of a global fight for our lives and the safety and well-being of all who come after us on this planet. We honor and are profoundly grateful to all of the courageous groups and individuals who have been fighting this fight for decades and centuries. We hope that the event on October 7 and October 18th will help Chicago and the Midwest build a strong coalition that can take this fight together into the future.

Love and rage!


Our Next Actions - Global Fall Rebellion:

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Fall Rebellion & Regenerative Fair

International Fall Rebellion & Regenerative Culture Fair

. Monday, Oct 7 4pm

Daley Plaza: 50 West Washington St, Chicago, Illinois 60602

Right here and right now is where we draw the line.

“Right here and right now is where we draw the line.” -Greta Thunberg, 9.23.19 @ the UN Climate Summit

October 7th kicks off Extinction Rebellion’s International Fall Rebellion and Chicago is joining XR chapters all around the globe to demand that the government tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency.
You are invited to, and needed for, a large-scale celebration of life to demonstrate the kind of society we need to call forth into the world. Through regenerative and life-affirming activities that will wake people up from their business-as-usual Monday evening commute, we will bring awareness to the need for the City of Chicago to declare a climate emergency and initiate an immediate just transition and emergency mobilization effort to restore a safe climate.

This demonstration will involve multiple groups: One of the groups will be led by the youth who led the recent Global Climate Strike, one group will be a critical mass of cyclists, and another group will consist of individuals transforming Daley Plaza into a regenerative culture fair with activities such as yoga, music, drumming, singing, skateboarding, circus arts, meditation, storytelling, theater, and much more. This is BIG. And all are welcome and needed.

We need you, your heart, and your superpowers. Arrive right at 4pm if you can, or else feel free to arrive anytime before 6pm.

You are welcome to join our Non-Violent Direct Action training on October 5th in Hyde Park to prepare for this action:

Want to be part of the planning team? Contact us at XRCHICAGO.ORG or message us on FB.

To attend as a critical mass cyclist, RSVP here

Sound The Alarm

Sound The Alarm: International Rebellion Finale

. Friday, Oct 18 3pm

Starting at Daley Center Plaza: northeast of the intersection Clark and Washington

Join us in Chicago and all over the world as we sound the alarm on the climate crisis.

Join us in Chicago and all over the world as we sound the alarm on the climate crisis. On Oct 18, the final day of the 2-week Fall International Rebellion happening worldwide, we will raise our voices to demand that the City of Chicago tell the truth about the climate crisis, declare a climate emergency, and act now to restore a safe climate and future for our children. Bring your authentic voice, your artistic expression, your instruments, and your love.

On Oct 7, we made our voices heard more fully than ever before as a group of 300 adults, teens, and children filled Daley Plaza for a regenerative culture fair, which then poured into the surrounding streets of Downtown Chicago with a guerrilla-style non-violent demonstration and celebration of life. With media coverage by all the major media channels in Chicago, we’ve got the attention of the government and mainstream public and it’s time to send our message out loud and clear.

Honor the Dead

Honor the Dead: spirits of the 6th mass extinction

. Friday, Nov 1st 5pm

Starting at Churchill Field Park on the 606: 1825 N. Damen Ave.


On the day when the boundary between worlds is most porous, we come together to mourn those who have gone before us.

We gather in the shadow of death, but we #RebelForLife!

Wear vintage funeral black or home-made skeleton costumes. (Thrift black clothing, turn logos inside out and use white paint for bones.) Bring fresh flowers to mourn our lost companions. Paint your face as a skull, but no cultural appropriation, please.

Arrive around 4:30pm if you want to help with or receive face-painting. We’ll mass in the park and leave around 5:15pm. In XR style, this is more than a march. Be ready for some thrilling tricks and treats to call for immediate and meaningful climate and ecological emergency.