trick-or-treat from xr chicago!


In the last Voices post we referenced the Atlas Network, a group representing hundreds of propaganda vehicles that exist to contradict the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change.  One such group is the American Petroleum Institute which has its convention in Chicago from the 13th to 17th of November when we and other environmentalists plan to protest in some fashion or other – dates and actions are still being worked on at this time).  News has emerged with regards to such corporate propagandists that the city of Pittsburgh has hired lobbyists with a vested, economic, interest in lying to the public about the dangers posed by said climate change.

Apparently, while the city has done a great job of divesting its pension funds from climate change-contributing energy companies, the city’s school district has hired lobbyists to possibly trickle a little climate denialism into education (which of course is the perfect recipe for fueling the high school climate change movement in Ohio). Furthermore, the University of Pittsburgh continues to hire two lobbying groups, Allegheny Strategy Partners and Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, who represent the big twenty-one energy companies, to produce its propaganda, even though, ironies of ironies, “new research from the University of Pittsburgh found that children living near shale gas activities in Southwest Pennsylvania had a higher risk of developing lymphoma.” However, even such conservation groups as Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and the Pittsburgh Foundation have hired the same lobbyists, as have such Pittsburgh cultural organizations as Carnegie Institute, the Frick Art & Historical Center, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, the Pittsburgh Symphony, and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. You can read more about this here:

Pittsburgh institutions go to bed with the oil industry

Meanwhile, more and more students around the country are asking their universities to divest from fossil fuel companies. Pennsylvania State University, Pomona College, Tufts University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, and Washington University in St. Louis are among those to have added their campaigns to an already expanding list of student-led actions. You may read the complete list here:

Growing list of universities students are asking to divest from fossil fuel

Human-caused climate change is trick-or-treating with the farmers this year by either flooding their pumpkin farms some months, or causing them serious droughts in others, both of which have cut the normal pumpkin supply by half. This may become an increasingly serious problem affecting our food supply as the years advance (p.s., the lobbyists we have mentioned earlier eat too, don’t they?).

Temperatures play treat-or-treat with the pumpkin farmers

The aforementioned hundreds of think-tanks, institutes, and lobbyists paid to lie to the public about the scientific consensus on human-caused climate change, one of which, the American Petroleum Industry, we hope to protest in some capacity in a few weeks in Chicago (sometime during the 13th – 17th, more details to follow) have obviously failed to prevent the media from informing us that this year is, once again, the hottest on record:

Temperatures continue to soar while oil lobbyists swoon singing Killing Them Softly With Our Song

Again, Extinction Rebellion and other environmental groups urge us all to transform our culture in every way we can to establish a more sustainable society.  Everybody on the planet must act now! That is the sticky chocolate we offer you this evening.


Extinction Rebellion Chicago