Extinction Rebellion Sprouts in Chicago

The new information emerges every day about how the heating of the Earth is happening, happening more quickly than models have predicted, and becomes exponentially more difficult to adjust to every day that we decline to respond in appropriate measure.

Extinction Rebellion is global network groups working together to send out the alarm that inaction means death. Inaction means death to an accelerating number of species that are disappearing at rates not seen in tens of millions of years. Inaction means vastly increasing risks of dislocation, disease, and, yes, even starvation for hundreds of millions of people who will not have the means to adjust to the climate-driven changes that challenge them. Inaction means raising the likelihood of authoritarian solutions to the severe problems that we will face.

Extinction Rebellion is committed to the use of non-violent direct action to shake people out of their complacency, their confusion, their isolation, and their fear of action. Together we can make a difference!