Honor the Dead

Honor the Dead: spirits of the 6th mass extinction

. Friday, Nov 1st 5pm

Starting at Churchill Field Park on the 606: 1825 N. Damen Ave.


On the day when the boundary between worlds is most porous, we come together to mourn those who have gone before us.

We gather in the shadow of death, but we #RebelForLife!

Wear vintage funeral black or home-made skeleton costumes. (Thrift black clothing, turn logos inside out and use white paint for bones.) Bring fresh flowers to mourn our lost companions. Paint your face as a skull, but no cultural appropriation, please.

Arrive around 4:30pm if you want to help with or receive face-painting. We’ll mass in the park and leave around 5:15pm. In XR style, this is more than a march. Be ready for some thrilling tricks and treats to call for immediate and meaningful climate and ecological emergency.