U.S. Highlights — XR’s International Week of Rebellion starting 4/15/2019

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Boston: Dozens of environmental activists demonstrated in downtown Boston Wednesday, blocking traffic on State and Congress streets at one point, with the aim of prompting The Boston Globe to take “leadership in its coverage of the climate crisis.” / The group, Extinction Rebellion Massachusetts, said in a statement that headlines from media outlets such as the Globe “have not reflected the climate crisis with sufficient urgency or effectively communicated its full impacts on human life.”

Denver: On Monday, April 15, … Extinction Rebellion Denver activists began a week of protests aimed at calling attention to the “existential threat” climate change poses to the planet and humanity itself. As Denver City Council convened for its regular Monday meeting, about a dozen activists staged a “die-in,” donning dust masks and protest signs and lying on the floor just outside council chambers.

Laramie, Wyoming: UW community, Laramie residents recreate Carbon Sink art installation to protest climate change

New York: Protesters shut down traffic outside New York City Hall Wednesday, partially blocking access to the Brooklyn Bridge, staging a die-in to demand radical action on climate change and remaining in the streets until the police arrested at least 62 people.

San Francisco: Among the protests that took place internationally on Monday was a Bay Area demonstration at United Nations Plaza in San Francisco.

Tampa Bay, Florida: Extinction Rebellion protests in Tampa against TECO’s proposed gas plant

Washington DC: Extinction Rebellion activists took aim at the Republican Party, protesting in front of the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C. Capitol police arrested a reported eight members of the group as they occupied city streets. Demonstrators called on passersby to support their actions and take a stand against fossil fuel-funded politicians.